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Right now in Vancouver it’s incredibly hard to buy gifts for friend’s kids if you saw something you want to get at Pottery Barn Kids. There’s no Canadian website, no catalogue, and no store. So you’d have to call a store in Toronto, already know what you want and hope that they can ship it out to you. Because you can’t order from the U.S. And if I’m buying for friends in the U.S. I get dinged on the exchanged rate.

So I emailed them to ask what was up given that Restoration Hardware seems to have gotten it correct when they launched their kids line. Well it turns out they’re opening a Vancouver store in 2009.  

Thank you for your e-mail and for your feedback. I can tell you that there are plans to open a Pottery Barn Kids in the Vancouver-area in 2009. I apologize for the inconvenience that is caused by not having the catalog or Website available in Canada. I do hope you’ll be on the look out for us next year.

Yay! No more having to pay exchange rates for friends in the U.S., and I’ll be snag a fancy diaper bag to use as a laptop bag.

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  1. hmm… I heard they were planning on opening Pottery Barn Kids in Vancouver in November, 2008, and couldn’t wait for the opening. After reading this looks like they postponed that opening for another year, what a disappointment 🙁 But at least, it’s going to open here one day, hopefully.

  2. yeah they have big signage up over where it will be – just two doors south of Williams-Sonoma – they have really had to dismantle and rebuild the building on that site – they excavated out a basement and last time i looked the roof was gone

  3. I believe it’s 14th February. If you call the Pottery Barn store on South Granville they will log your email address for advance notifications and advice of any special ‘opening offers’.

  4. If you check their site. It says they’re opening February 21st. And they have their hours up too. Here’s what the site says:

    Pottery Barn Kids Vancouver
    Join us on opening day for children’s entertainment and giveaways!
    2935 Granville Street
    Vancouver, British Columbia
    Store Hours
    Mon-Fri 10 am – 8 pm
    Sat-Sun 10 am – 7 pm


  5. i went into this store the other day and was sooooo disappointed. its really american and realllly ugly. its all the typical stuff – baseball themed boys rooms – cartoon character bedding – sacharrine sweet girls stuff. completely old school. everything screams bad taste and its pretty expensive. in this day and age, you would think people would want to get past all of this commercialized crap and opt for something more tasteful – especially given its price point. the themes and colourways are more suited to zellers if you ask me.

  6. Be careful: don’t get Vancouver to order from Toronto. I haven’t got the item they were ordering, no one can find out what happened, no one returns phonecalls and now the item is sold out everywhere. The customer service I’ve experienced has been terrible.

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