Sephora Coming to Vancouver

Yay! Sephora will be opening a store in Vancouver, but not until July 10, 2009. I had emailed them to ask because I heard some rumblings about it. And it seems like the big-brand retailers have finally realized that Vancouver is a pretty large brand-obsessed, shopping-addicted population.  So here was their response:

Good News! There is a Sephora store opening at Pacific Centre in Vancouver, BC on 7/10/2009!

It is not an exclusive event, so no hassle at the door, no lines to stand in. To get the most accurate and up-to-date information on this store opening, make sure that you are signed up for our Sephora.com email blasts.

Besides getting the latest beauty news and trends, the most up-to-date detailed information for the store opening (including date, time, and any special promotions or happenings) will be sent to you about 4 days prior.


I would say that until then I’ll have to settle with hopping the border and going shopping down in Washington. But that’s just way too much of a hassle. I’m not one that does regular U.S. shopping expeditions. If you go for a day trip, you’re supposed to declare what you bought and pay import tax on it. Hopefully, they’ll get their pricing right and charge the same for the Sephora products as you in the U.S. One good thing now is that if you order over $120 worth of products online they’ll ship it to you in Canada for free. At least they ship here, unlike some other companies.

Note: I do NOT work for Sephora and this is not a Sephora website. I’m just a fan of the company. So PLEASE stop contacting me asking for a job there. I’m not going to email you back and say you have the wrong site.

7 thoughts on “Sephora Coming to Vancouver”

  1. They do ship it free to Canada, but do you get charged for the Canadian tax when you get your package in Canada? I hate being dinged for that. 🙁

  2. If you go onto the Canadian site, they ship from Canada and you do pay your standards taxes and your shipping charge which is much better than having it shipped from the States.

  3. There is a Sephora in Calgary, if you don’t want to get charged with taxes, but it’s killer driving to the mall.
    From the main highway, it felt like I was driving from Coquitlam to Vancouver. There’s so much urban sprawl that it’s best to wait til July…BUT I’M EXCITED!

  4. Update – just passed the old shoppers drugs at the corner of Dunsmuir and Howe and there are signs up announcing Sephoria is coming this summer. If that’s its location I’m in big trouble. Its on my walk to work.

  5. I am THRILLED that Sephora is coming here. I am used to having Sephora since I spent the last 10 years living in Toronto and it is the one store I seriously missed after moving to bc!

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