ZabaSearch – Stalking Just Got Easier

This morning my radio alarm woke me up to a discussion on KFOG about ZabaSearch and how people are a bit weirded out by it. I don’t blame them. Zabasearch is a people finding search engine. Not bad, but it lists unlisted addresses. So if Cnet had problems when they published the town a certain Google CEO lives in, why don’t you try searching for the CEO of your favorite company and see what you find. The CEO of the company I work at now is listed.

Or search for your favorite living President. I found Bill Clinton in NY (no phone number) and George W Bush’s last address at the Texas Governor’s Mansion. There’s probably other ones in there for Bush, but I didn’t see Crawford listed.

Just because something is “public” information doesn’t mean you should make it that much easier to find.

Update – 5:00 pm – Forgot to mention that starting 1 September 2005, you can post to a blog associated with a particular name/person. Can anyone say libel and blog-spam?

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