If knowledge is conversation – how can we talk?

David Weinberger wrote today, “Knowledge is the neverending conversation.” I can’t help but ask my same question from the other week – how can we have that neverending conversation if we’re unable to exchange knowledge because we’re speaking/writing in different languages. We are able to translate on-the-fly, but we just need to take it one step further.

Once we’re able to understand what each other is saying will we be able to come to a better understanding of each other.

1 thought on “If knowledge is conversation – how can we talk?”

  1. Will we ever know what others are saying. Do we often not even know what we mean. With vague references and only a basic knowledge of the language we speak, how do we convey our thoughts and feelings when the interpritaion is the corenerstone of the communication process.

    What you mean is not necessarily what you say which is not necessarily what is heard.

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