It’s a girl!

So it’s sugar and spice and everything nice. Today we went to Som Visao for our 3-D ultrasound to find out what we pretty much already knew – we’re having a baby girl! (Our hunches were good.) She was moving around and keeping her legs crossed throughout most of it, making it a bit difficult to figure out if she was a she. But in the end the tech was able to figure it out…just not in 3-D. We did see that she likes to suck her thumb, the umbilical chord and her foot. So it looks like we’ll have to invest in some pacifiers.

Here’s one of the better still picture of her.

3D Ultrasound Still

And here’s a short clip of the video.

And for those curious as to where we’re registered….I can’t find what I want in one place.  And I’m sure we’ll be adding more to them over the coming weeks.

And I’m more than willing to beg, borrow or steal any baby girl clothes and gear anyone wants to part with.

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