Oh, by the way, I’m pregnant

So after two years of trying, two miscarriages, loads of doctors, drugs and peeing on hundreds of sticks…we’re going to have a baby. Yay!

So to answer the top 10 questions that usually come up:

  1. When are you due? Christmas week
  2. How far along are you? As of today, 16.5 weeks – or 4 months and a bit.
  3. Is it a boy or girl? Dunno, might find out at the end of July. If we do, I’m sure you’ll hear about it.
  4. Have you picked out names? If we have, we’re not telling. I don’t want to hear that you knew someone that became a criminal that had that name. If we like the name, we like it, and you just have to deal with your hang-ups about the name.
  5. How much weight have you gained? If you are not currently pregnant yourself, trying to get pregnant or knew the answer to that question before I got pregnant – not telling you. How’d you like it if I asked you every week you look slightly bloated – how much did you gain? (yes, it’s a touchy subject.)
  6. How do you feel? Hot, tired, achy, nauseous – the usual pregnancy stuff. But it’s a good thing and I’m not complaining.
  7. Hospital, homebirth, midwife, GP, ob/gyn? I plan to deliver in a hospital with an ob/gyn.
  8. So Christmas baby…Christmas name? Combined birthday & Christmas gifts? No and no.
  9. Have you felt the baby yet? I dunno…it could have been gas. When it’s your first you typically can’t tell the difference and don’t really feel the baby until later.
  10. Can I touch your belly? Ask Brendon. He might get jealous.

So as you can see, part of the reason I haven’t posted on here in ages is because the only thing worth talking about to me was the whole trying to get pregnant thing. And it is trying in both senses of the word. And recounting the whole process in a public forum is boring and depressing for everyone. So I stayed away from it. Now that I have happier things to say, I’ll hopefully get back into posting more.

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  1. hey i’m only a couple weeks late in seeing this, thanks to my extremely random blog-reading schedule. congrats to both of you!

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