Bikram’s Yoga – Class 3 & 4

I should have written this post over a month ago. I tried Bikram’s again in the afternoon, twice. Both times I drank a lot of water throughout the day so that I wouldn’t feel sick during the class. No luck. I’m thinking that it’s just not for me.

The whole getting yelled at like I’m in boot camp seems counter productive. And considering that my people don’t do heat well (family members have been known to faint because of it) makes me think that I need to find another yoga studio. I just feel miserable and completely knackered for after a session. With other forms of yoga, I feel better and actually have energy after it.

I think I’ll be exploring some more studios in the next little while.

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  1. It takes a good 5-8 classes to get acclimated to the heat, so don’t give up yet. Have you tried practicing first thing in the morning, before you eat anything? That might be better for you than practicing later in the day, when you’ve already eaten and your body is still digesting food. That could be the nausea factor. Keep in mind that on some of the poses it is normal to feel nauseous, like camel. Just show up and go with it. The heat and sweat release toxins, so that is another thing to keep in mind when you feel bad, as it could just be the release of stuff you don’t need anymore. Good luck, and challenge yourself to a few more classes. I think you’ll see a breakthrough.

  2. 4th Ave & Arbutus. West 4th Yoga. No yelling, not too much heat (you will sweat) and a pretty laid back attitude. Mind you it is across the street from the original Lulu….

  3. Gayle obviously didn’t read my other posts. If she did then she wouldn’t have suggested I go in the mornings. Seeing as I’m dealing with a huge medical issue right now (not yoga related) my doctors would advise me against doing Bikram’s yoga for quiet some time. Or anything strenuous for that matter.

    People have to listen to their own bodies and do what’s right for them. Unfortunately I didn’t hear too much of that at the classes I attended. And that’s what really puts me off of this type of yoga. Listening to your body is a basic tenant of other types of yoga that I’ve done, and I’ve done many. People have to do what is right for themselves.

    Thanks for the suggestion Evan – I’ll try them out when I’m better.

  4. Ok sure, I’m very late responding to this. But it’s getting cold outside and hot yoga is definitely beginning to sound like a good idea again.

    I tried Bikram once, and I have to agree: the whole boot camp vibe is just not my thing. Yogapod (North Vancouver) is the place to go for hot yoga. It’s laid back and relaxing, more like hatha but with the heat up. Especially on a cold rainy winter morning.

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