Bikram’s Yoga – Class 2

I went to my second class, last week. This time I went first thing in the morning without eating anything. That was a bit of a mistake for me. I’ve always had a weak stomach in the morning and this was putting me over the top. I felt so nauseous that I couldn’t lie on my stomach when necessary. And I spent more time on the floor than I did the first time. So morning classes are not for me.

But I’m learning that the whole drill-sergeant instructor is pretty much part and parcel for this type of yoga. This time positions were accompanied by┬áthe yelling of “push, push, push”. I felt like I was in a birthing room, and nearly started giggling. But she’s a good teacher and came over and made sure I was doing things properly.

I’ll have to go at least twice this week in the afternoon to really start getting into. Hell, I bought the outfit for it (and I give the sales guy at Lululemon a ton of credit for not even batting an eye when I said that I don’t want to fall out of my top when I’m upside-down).

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