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I think I’m finally back to normal after seeing Cloverfield last night. I was so seasick that I think I only saw about 20 minutes of the movie. Most of the time my eyes were closed and I just listened, peeking once in a while to see what the commotion was about. The most that I watched at one full go was the credits. If you do see it, watch until the credits end and listen carefully.

***You might consider some of this spoilers***

It makes me wonder if J.J. Abrams ever thought about how sick this movie was going to make his audience. I’m a huge Lost fan, but it makes me question if he has the chops for directing for the big screen. There were scenes in MI:III that had feeling similarly. At one point in Cloverfield bright lights flash consistently, which made me feel even worse. So either he achieved his goal in making us just as uncomfortable as the characters in the movie, or he seriously screwed up. At some point, you’d think while watching the dailies that he’d want to see it on a full screen to make sure it was watchable. He could have easily adjusted the camera character into a film student to explain why the camera was steadier than your average joe would have held it. And it would have made more sense that the character wouldn’t want to be stuck being a glorified wedding videographer for the party.


At the end the couple is under a bridge in Central Park. Now if you’ve spent a good about of time in the park, you know there are bomb shelters or maintenance rooms around those bridges.  A girl who lives right next to the park would probably have seen these. So why didn’t they head to one of those?

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