So some schmuck decided to put my site into an iframe on his site –

People – it may not technically be copyright infringement, but it is just plain sleazy. It could be successfully argued as copyright infringement since it’s being presented as the site’s own work. It is trademark infringement if I have something on my site trademarked.

Doing a search shows that this domain is being used for blog spamming, so it’s not like they’d have any qualms about it. Luckly, they were stupid and registered the site through Domains by Proxy, who say they will shut down sites that spam blogs. Sucks to be them. If you’ve arrived to this site because you got blog spam, report it here.
I could put some code on my site that automatically redirects people from that URL to mine if my site appears in an iframe. Only thing is that right now it messes up managing any existing posts, because the WordPress editor I’m using pulls my site into an iframe so that I can preview the page. Need to figure this thing out. Or find a better way to deal with it.

2 thoughts on “STOP IFRAMING MY SITE”

  1. Oooh, that’s a drag. It sucks that someone can mess with your website without even comprimising your computer!!! Weird.

    We get a daily email at work, that searches for keywords on the web pertaining to the products my company builds. In particular, there’s a dedicated “weblog” mailing that tracks mention of our stuff in people’s blogs. There’s always at least one or two blogspam sites in there, odd hodge-podges of random technology news articles mashed together in an incoherent way, with the hope that you’ll click on one of their links.

    Such strange (not to mention annoying) business models!

  2. I just had a comment spam with this fake domain. I’ll delete it! The weird thing is that it says something credible (about the fact that I’m not writting my blog in english, and that’s a shame ’cause it cannot be understood etc.)…

    As it was on a very old post, I thought it was suspicious… Very strange spamming methods indeed…

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