Why not just fake crazy?

So Jet Blue held their passengers hostage yesterday for 10 hours on the runway only to never take off. So, why didn’t someone just fake crazy, tear off their clothes, and force the airline to disembark the plane? Or have their three year old throw the mother of all trantrums? At the least you’d get yourself off the plan. I don’t understand why people would put up with that.

I was once stuck on a plane for 3 hours while they fixed something. They taxied us over to the hanger and we all went to sleep. They didn’t disembark us so that once it was fixed we could take off right away. We got a periodic update on how much longer we had to wait. And they were spot on. But that was Cathay Pacific. And not in the middle of a snow storm.



So some schmuck decided to put my site into an iframe on his site –

People – it may not technically be copyright infringement, but it is just plain sleazy. It could be successfully argued as copyright infringement since it’s being presented as the site’s own work. It is trademark infringement if I have something on my site trademarked.

Doing a search shows that this domain is being used for blog spamming, so it’s not like they’d have any qualms about it. Luckly, they were stupid and registered the site through Domains by Proxy, who say they will shut down sites that spam blogs. Sucks to be them. If you’ve arrived to this site because you got blog spam, report it here.
I could put some code on my site that automatically redirects people from that URL to mine if my site appears in an iframe. Only thing is that right now it messes up managing any existing posts, because the WordPress editor I’m using pulls my site into an iframe so that I can preview the page. Need to figure this thing out. Or find a better way to deal with it.