Snow Day!

Well, not exactly a snow day. Today, work was unexpectedly closed for the day. It was like being 10 again and being told there’s no school – almost. We were woken with an early morning phone call saying to stay home. There was a little bit of excitement that something out of the ordinary is happening. But after that it was the opposite of a snow day.

I had a 9 am conference call and actual work to do. No goofing off for me. And since this is California there’s no way there could be snow outside to go and play in. The most that you could do is run around and crunch some leaves. Somehow, just not the same as crunching in snow.

I guess if you grew up on California you’d never know what a snow day feels like, unless you lived in the mountains. That’s really just a shame. Children (and adults) need snow days. I guess I’ll just have to wait for Christmas up in Canada. Oh well, it’s back to work tomorrow. Can we have a rain day instead?

2 thoughts on “Snow Day!”

  1. yeah i had to work, too! or tried but the network was shit today. at any rate, apart from the circumstances, it was nice to WFH and get to some laundry. :-p

  2. I had first-hand news from someone on the building at the time that it was rather unexciting… or, rather, that talking to the detective about the incident might have been the highlight of the evening. There are better ways to vandalize, that’s all I have to say. Still, I’m bummed I missed the excitement, in a way. 🙂

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