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Lady in the Water

There’s no twist. Rather it’s like a mystery movie where the clues are shown to you at the beginning and the story slowly unfolds. I felt like M. Night Shyamalan was hitting me over the head with what the symbolism was supposed to mean – telling me just in case I didn’t get it – like you would with a little kid. But I wasn’t completely annoyed by it because he poked fun at that exact fault at one point.

It was a sweet movie, yet scary – a bedtime story or perhaps a campfire story, where the goal is to scare the b’jesus out of your listeners but not too much that they can’t fall asleep.

I’m not sure if you need to see it in the theatre, but you definitely need to watch it in a dark room. It’s worth the matinee price to escape the 100-degree heat this weekend. I think my theatre experience was a bit ruined by being surrounded by talkative people, the lights coming on for the opening of the movie, and people getting up and down throughout it.

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