Silicon Valley’s Having a Baby Boom

It may be that I have baby head, but I can’t help but notice that every other woman here is pregnant. At work, we’re welcoming at least one baby a day! (Seriously, someone talked with HR and crunched the numbers – it’s one baby a day.) Walk around downtown Mountain View during dinner, and you’ll see woman sporting either pregnant bellies or newborns. And Google added a weekly $100  waiters-on-wheels benefit for their pregnant employees – guess they feel they should feed them when they’re working at midnight and the kitchen’s not open??
So what’s brought on this baby boom?

  • More people that can afford to raise children? It’s not just Google-aires that are getting preggers.
  • More women in the valley? Google’s campaign to get more women couldn’t have worked that quickly.
  • The geeks are growing up and (gasp!) they’re getting to the edge of childbearing years?

I’m expecting to see Playdate networking events soon.

* Brendon has informed me that we won’t be adding to the boom ourselves anytime soon.

8 thoughts on “Silicon Valley’s Having a Baby Boom”

  1. Seriously. I was afraid to drink the water at work for fear of getting pregnant (well…. that or buying a house in deepest, darkest San Jose… or :gasp: Pleasanton). I’ve noticed it around town, too. If they’re all on the verge of popping now, the babies were concieved in September. Not exactly the Holidays-and-it’s-cold-out-so-let’s-stay-in-bed baby season, now is it? I think you’re right. I think it’s the grown up geeks that survied the bubble-burst. Scary.

  2. No, it is not your fault.

    However, it clearly *is* your fault that you always use ancient overheating technologies.

    (stir, stir, stir)

  3. If the babies are as cute as Liz Doughty’s, I hope the stat is upped to 2 a day. (And I’ll keep drinking the water, but don’t tell Dave). 🙂

    San Jose is not that dark! Or deep!

  4. I’m definitely NOT drinking the water. Two is my limit. Speaking of a Playdate network, here’s a posting for you:
    I have a funny, creative, sensitive child who loves play acting, singing and soccer. We’re looking for an easygoing, well-behaved child who shares same interests. Mom willing to drive across town for playdate but not out of town. Weekends only.

  5. Yep, we’re everywhere. Pregnant Women Unite! But seriously, I think it’s an age thing. It definitely is for me and my pregnant friends. We’ve waited until the absolute last possible second to do the kid thing. Guess it took that long to set our sights on goals that went past a quarterly bonus and another VP link in the business card chain.

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