Valleywag Hearts Kevin Burton

For a few weeks there I was beginning to think that Nick Douglas developed a crush on Kevin. Nick is the writer of the latest online tabloid blog (tablog), Valleywag. There was a picture of Kevin on there every other day. I like Kevin, but that’s just a bit too much Kevin!

Valleywag is like In Touch magazine for geeks. It’s not as bad as the National Enquirer, but it’s not as believable as People – it pushes the line of credible “journalism.” I doubt Nick Douglas is calling anyone to confirm a rumour or get the real story. But so far it doesn’t seem like anyone’s reputation has been tarnished, too much that is.

But my question is – how will this site change the social scene of the Valley. Are we going to see the paranoia of Hollywood migrate north? Granted the uber geeks will still be the reclusive geniuses. But will the whiz kids be so paranoid they won’t even talk to each other about what they ate for dinner out of fear that their latest project will be broadcasted to the masses before it’s ready? They’re already annoying coy if you ask them you’re typical conversation opener, “So whatchya been up to lately?

What happens to the collaborative environment when two entrepreneurs can’t even have a nice little conversation about the latest AJAX app without it being broadcasted to the world as truth they’re going to buy it? Hopefully it won’t get to that point, but maybe it already has.

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