First Entry Ever

Well I’ve finally gotten my act in gear and have updated my website after having stagnant content on it for more than a year. I’ll try to update this in a daily basis with stories about my life and critiques on anything from advertising to why I can’t find a decent bagel in Vancouver.
For my first story — I finally bought a cell phone. Part of the reason why I didn’t have one was that I didn’t want to be one of those people who answer them in restaurants, talk really loud because the person on the other end can’t hear you over the noise (or so you think), or one of those nasty drivers who talk incessantly on the phone while they’re merging onto the Lions Gate Bridge.

But the reason why I finally broke down and bought one is because I have this fear that something will happen (mainly bad) and my family can’t get in touch with me. It happened last year. I was in the middle of nowhere heli-hiking and well, the world turned upside down and my sister was in the middle of it. It all turned out okay in the end (I’ll save that story for later), but one of the side effects for me was that I’m always suspecting that something will happen.

I resisted buying a phone the entire year, but the urge didn’t go away.
So now, I have a phone. I vow not to turn into one of those rude cell phone people, but I fear it may be inevitable. The same sort of inevitablity of being a very rude driver when you own a Mercedes. (Another story about someone in my building for another day.)
More stories to come…

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