Movie Reviews

Snakes on a Plane

It’s not going to win an Oscar, but it’s the most fun I’ve had at the movies all year. You have to see it with a big group, laugh at it together, and make fun of it together. (Snake-o-vision is the best.) It followed all the classic rules of horror flicks (as they apply to snakes being on a plane), but Samuel L Jackson is the only one that seems to live after breaking them all.

The biggest surprise for me was at the end of the movie – the video for the theme song. It’s sung by none other than Gabe Saporta (my sis’ high school sweetheart’s brother)! It’s part of his fun project Cobra Starship; he’s also part of Midtown. And it was just a few years ago they were playing the small Croatian Cultural Center in Vancouver.



It’s Alfred Hitchcock’s birthday today. So I’ve been watching the Hitchcock marathon all weekend. Ironically it’s very fitting that they’re playing Vertigo, because I have vertigo. I wish it’s like in the movie where it’s brought on by a fear of heights. No, it just hits me whenever it damn well pleases while causing my hearing to get all muffled. Luckily a constant stream of Sudafed and Claritin is keeping it at bay and helping me hear.

Of course, at the rate I’m going I may surpass the anti-meth law’s monthly limit, but I can’t seem to find a firm answer as to what that is. And what happens when I do surpass it? Do I get arrested or is it just that they won’t let me buy any more? I can’t find any answer to my questions.

It was a bit strange having to swipe my driver’s license to purchase the medicine and being told by the pharmacist that I might not be able to buy two boxes at a time (enough to get me through one week). I guess I could always go to the doctor to get a perscription for an over-the-counter medicine if it comes to that, because the non-psuedophedrine versions aren’t working for me. I’ve lived in Europe where it’s common to have medicines behind the counter, but I was never asked to present ID. The U.S. has created a very strange third class of drugs, and the bad guys will always get their hands on them if they want anyway.

So if you see me wobbling around looking like I’m drunk, it’s the vertigo.