Blogher – My To-Do List

I just got home from Blogher, and here’s my To-Do list.

  1. Enble Comments – I keep meaning to, but I just can’t bring myself to futz around with the code.
  2. Ethics Manifesto – The idea for this was spawned from the Citizen Journalist Birds-of-a-Feather session. It was suggested that we look at Jay Rosen’s Q&A page to develop our own.
  3. Link to Women Bloggers – We kvetch that more women need to be in the Technorati Top 100 but we’re not linking to each other. I’ve already added the Blogher roll.
  4. Create My A-List – I don’t read all of the Technorati Top 100 blogs and don’t like them all. In the morning discussion it was said that we should be defining what our top 100 list is.
  5. Ask for LinksHalley Suit said to just ask for someone to link to you and to ask 3 times. (Kinda the same logic if you’re trying to get someone to go on a date with you.) It was suggested that we also read Women Don’t Ask, a book about how women can negotiate more effectively (I think)
  6. Upgrade Blogging Software – After trying to implement comments, I’ve realized that I have an ancient version of MoveableType – 2.11. added 7/31

Also on my To-Do List that has nothing to do with Blogher – read the next volume of Y: The Last Man – a futuristic feminist sci-fi comic. I bought the first volume, was hook, but see no point in buying the individual comics when I prefer them all in a book version, but I digress.


Cute Single Mormon Up for Sale!

I’ve been checking out the blogs of all the presenters for BlogHer. Besides realizing that I’ve obviously been living in a hole as I haven’t read some of them, I’ve come across some truely great stuff.

One thing in particular is Heather Armstrong’s (Dooce) comments on the www.datelance.com billboard. Heather had me laughing my ass off.

So if you go to www.datelance.com you see this guy has a way too slick site. Ignoring the rather weird selling point that he’s a “returned missionary”, do you really want to date someone who has a button on their site to set up a date? And if he’s really hard up to get someone to go out with him, there has to be something wrong. But in reality this is just a marketing ploy for the company he works for. This is all just wrong and creepy on so many levels.


Google Map Hack – Distance Calculator

I recently discovered that I have asthma. So now that I have an inhaler I’m exstatic that I can run a mile for the first time since I was 10. Hopefully one day I can run a 10K. So I’ve been trying to figure out a route I can run in my neighbourhood that will be feasible, challenging and not discouraging. Failing driving around various routes to get the actual milage, I turned to see if there was a hack. And lo and behold there is! Sue and Paul (whoever they are) have the Gmap Pedometer.


Spam-a-lot Adventure

So my spammers are obviously using some program that takes bits of novels, mashes them up, and spits them out as the text versions of their spam.

What I want to know is what books are they using? Some of them look like they could be rather interesting. I think the latest one I recieved is from Captain Blood.

Of course it’s a sad reflection on your marketing when your audience is more interested in your fake text than in what you actually have to sell.


Save Douglass College

Well it’s finally happened. Rutgers is seriously talking about elliminating Douglass College as we know it. It’s my alma mater and the largest public women’s college. Of course there are people who say that there’s no need for an all-women’s college in this day and age. Or ask that once you graduate you have to work with men, so how is being educated in that setting a good thing?

Well, I firmly believe that because I went to Douglass I’m a stronger woman and better employee because of it. And there is still a need to have a women’s college, even today. Why? Well I can just take a stroll around the engineering department in the company I work for, I can count on one hand the number of women I bump into. And if you read the Transforming Rutgers report you’ll see that the percentage of women in the engineering school is appalling, but that doesn’t take into account the number of women at Douglass. We have to create environments where women know that they’ll have the support that they need to succeed in traditionally male programs.

Some of the same reasons that you need women’s colleges are the same reasons that BlogHer came into existence. The things that concern women are not being addressed in traditional settings. We get told to work within the system, but sometimes that just doesn’t work. You have to go off, get together, and do what you want/need to get done. It’s not something that’s going to get resolved anytime soon.

Save Douglass College