Current Projects

People have been asking me, “So what the hell do you do all day?” Well my friends, lots of researching and writing. Here is what I’m up to these days when not looking for a full time job.

Web Writing for Small Businesses

There are a number of books out there that deal with how you should write for the web, but I don’t think they do a good enough job for someone who is starting out with a web presence or has never written a word of marketing copy in their life. So, I will remedy that with a book that will be available here on my site. It’ll cover the basics of how to write, how to change your writing for the web, SEO that’s not spam, and how to use these same principles in online corporate communications.

Life of a Thai Slave Girl

Fictional account of a young girl’s attempt to find her family that mistakingly sold her into slavery.

Water Bootlegging

It’s 2050, all of North America’s fresh water can be found only in Canada, and Californians have to live off bland, disgusting desalinized water. Of course you can buy real, fresh, designer water imported from Canada or Europe for $20 a liter, but why pay full price when you can get knock-offs for half the price. Enter the water bootleggers. Also, with a lack of water, what would this mean for computing as tons of water is needed to make silicon chips? Would we move to lasers? Or would it spur another technology that we have yet to consider?

Other Ideas

I would be interested in doing a study of the changes in American house architecture and the growing epidemic of obesity. As the American dream home has grown to incorporate great rooms consisting of a kitchen and TV room, our waistlines have grown as well. Is the change in the layout of the home caused by our love of excess and the underlining cause of both? Are both of these changes caused by our love of food, laziness, all or none of the above? Hmmm… could I have a Masters or Phd thesis in this?



A man’s home is his castle. Well now he (or she) can have their very own dragon to guard it. We’re not talking genetically modified Kimono Dragons. We’re talking robot dragons. The catch? The price per dragon is a mere �1.98 million JPY each. That’s about $17,811.85 USD.

Seems like the Jetson’s future of having a domestic robot may be getting closer thanks to Japan. Banryu was created by the Tmsuk corporations and is backed by Sanyo. I stumbled across an article about Banryu on asahi.com today. So I went and checked out the Banryu website. Seems this little guy can detect if someone is in your home or if it’s on fire and it will even ring your cell phone to tell you.

Now I know nothing about robots, but this little guy looks cool and cute in an alien sort of way. The small egg-shaped head comes complete with a cute little Pokemon-esque horn. And fans of Trading Spaces will be happy to hear that it comes in a variety of colors to match your home decor. walking-banryu.jpgThere’s lots of cool pictures on the site (where I got these), including ones of Banryu in motion. But I would like to see more product specs and information in English as I am not lucky enough to speak or read Japanese.


Don’t Open Attachments!

I nearly fell victim to another virus. See I got a nice little email from what looked like my hosting company. I have been having trouble with my email, so I thought they were trying to fix it. But luckily I didn’t open the attachment, unzip it and type in the password that’s in the email. But obviously people out there are. How do I know you may ask? Every 10 minutes, there’s another email from someone I don’t know with the zipfile.
Why people why?

Now what’s funny is that the message along with the file is getting more and more rediculous.

“I won’t bite” – yeah right.

“For your eyes only. Just use this password:” – ooooo someone must have sent it to me accidentally, I wonder if it’s secret, ooo let me see….puh-leeze!

“M~^^^mmmwm” – They’re not even trying now.

Perhaps MS has to implement something that asks “Are you really, really sure you know who this email is from before I open the attachment? Because you will lose everything on your computer if you don’t. Yes/No?” Then they should ask it about 5 times just so that I don’t wind up getting a sick computer.