Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix? Wicked!

I’ve finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and I must say it’s bloody brilliant. I won’t go into any details here in regards to what it’s about. However, you know it’s good when I spent the entire weekend on the couch reading it cover to cover. That or I’m just a tad bit of a Harry Potter fanatic.

Brendon and I bought it at the witching hour on Friday night / Saturday morning. I managed to squeeze in a chapter or two before crashing to sleep.

In other Harry Potter related info, I found a wicked site where we wizards in training can pick up house scarves, wands, brooms and even a Sorting Hat – Alivans. Of course, this may be common knowledge that I have yet again not been privy to as I do not watch most morning talk/news shows. But since they do not have a wand made out of Ash, I will not be buying one as of yet. But I may give in around Halloween time.

So now Brendon has started on the book. I can’t wait for him to finish it so that I can finally talk to someone about it!

Happy Reading!