Reality Bites?

What is it with this hunger for reality shows nowadays? I’m as guilty as the rest of them for wasting precious evening hours killing brain cells watching who’s going to be the next silly girl to get ousted from Joe Millionaire, but I can’t stop!

Perhaps we all feel a little better by watching them. It’s like watching that cocky so-and-so back finally get their comeuppance and falling flat on their face. Or it’s the fact that if you start flipping through the channels you inevitable fall upon CNN, MSNBC, FOXNews, Headline News, C-SPAN, even PBS at times, fear mongering and telling us that we’re all going to die either by terrorists, super bugs, Iraq, North Korea (or the latest axis of evil member), the crumbling economy or the latest Cancer causing food. It’s just too much to take 24×7. Imagine if CNN had been around during WWII everyone would have committed suicide with the coverage they would have been doing of Hitler!

So instead, Americans turns to things that we can handle: Are you Hot or Not?,The Bachelorette, Survivor, and Living with “Wacko Jacko” Michael Jackson. Americans are tired of listening to the warnings, the conjecturing, the what ifs. If I see something that looks a bit odd, I’ll call the police, FBI, anyone that will listen. I think the government has gotten through to us that we must be on alert. If there’s a man walking around with a giant winter coat in the middle of summer, trust me, I’d tackle him myself. Just stop the incessent fear-mongering.

Give me the time when it was just the Russians that were the enemy, we had to beat them to space, to the moon and in the Olympics. There was not talk of all out war. But that ain’t gonna happen. Instead, I’ll happily live in my own little la-la-land, watch the crap on TV, and forget about the world for a little while.

That or just turn it all off completely and start reading.