It’s a Christmas Tree!

A Christmas tree by any other names does not smell as sweet. Political correctness has gone too far. So far, in fact, that I’m incredibly offended.

I grew up vaguely Catholic (church on Easter and Christmas Catholic). So Christmas was as religious as the Fourth of July, but just as fun, if not more so because of the presents. My own sister went into a religious store this week to buy a present for my grandmother and asked for “rosemary” beads (not rosary). So that shows you just how religious my family is.

Well, over the years in our society’s attempt to be politically correct and sensitive to non-Christian religions, we’ve secularized all Christian holidays. And this year’s Christmas has lost any sense of being Christmas here in Vancouver. Christmas is on its way to extinction.

Vancouver decided that the large pine tree decorated with colorful lights and a star on top will be called the “Seasonal Tree”. They should have also changed the name of the giant candelabra that holds 8 candles standing directly across it to the “Seasonal Candelabra” instead of a Hanukah menorah. But secularizing anything Christian seems to be awfully in vogue. But both name changes are incredibly insane and completely wrong.

This year, I can’t even wish other Christians a “Merry Christmas” without being told that I should say “Happy Holidays”. Give me a break! What’s next? We can’t put up Christmas lights on our homes?

Most people I know that aren’t Christian don’t mind it because they get into the spirit of the holiday. They don’t think about the fact that it celebrates the birth of the Jesus. The holiday has pretty much lost it’s meaning for non-Christians. It’s become this one time each year where we strive to be good human beings and treat each other nicely for just one day. Why do we have to alienate and deny Christians their holiday by demanding that they don’t make any mention of it what-so-ever?

Next, we’ll be told that no one can call December 25th Christmas, and instead, it’ll be called Festivas. This is not tolerance and acceptance. It’s downright discriminatory. And I will go on saying that those two huge things on the front of the Art Gallery lawn are the Christmas tree and menorah. Otherwise 10 years from now, there will be no Christmas celebrations at all. And we’ll all be longing for the good ol’ days when people decorated their houses with lights, we had the annual lighting of the Christmas tree and children and adults were good for one whole month in hopes that St. Nick would bring them the presents that they wished for.