Web Writing Tutorial

It always amazes me at how little people know about writing for the Web. But that’s probably because I live and breathe it day in and day out. So I’ve decided that I’m going to write an extensive online Web writing tutorial.

What made me think of doing this is that I’m going to be holding a training session in December specifically on this topic. So why not just write it up and put it online so that they can reference back to it? There’s so much that I take into account when I write that it’s hard to convey in a 3 hour session.

So if you check back here in the new year, I’ll have it up ready to go! Once it’s up and running, I’ll update it with links to the best Web writing (and writing in general) sources out there.

Stay Tuned!


So Many Books

So many books, so little time. I’ve started up an Amazon
Wish List
because I can’t keep track of all the books that I want to read.

This past week alone I heard about 4 different books that are supposed to be
must reads:
Life of Pi
Fall on Your Knees
The Lovely Bones
, and
. I used
to devour books left and right and would know which are the must reads that
just came out. I suppose its because a) I drive a car to work and b) I’m surrounded
by computer geeks who’s idea of a good book is the latest edition of a fantasy
series. Not that there’s anything wrong with fantasy books, its just that there
is so much good fiction coming out that it would be a shame to miss it because
your reading the next great saga of a fantasy soap opera.

I’m guilty of that myself. I got into the Diana

series and that’s also part of the reason why I haven’t read anything
else. These books are becoming at least 1,000 pages long and just when you think
the action is slowing down, something happens and you can’t stop reading. Well,
at least the first 4 books were like that. This last one I had to trudge through.
I think she’s just writing everything that comes to mind rather than choosing
what is good for the story. It’s a sign that perhaps you as the author can’t
keep track of what you’ve already mentioned in the book when you remind readers
3 times in the story about something that happened in another book. Mentioning
it once will suffice, unless you as the author can’t remember what you’ve written.
Makes me wonder if her editor is doing her job. Isn’t this something that an
editor should catch?

That’s enough of that series for me. I must get back to reading contemporary,
thought provoking literature. Well, until the next one comes out or until the
next Harry